How to Wash a Car

washing a car

We all know that washing your car keeps it looking shiny on the Beavercreek roads, but washing your car actually protects the exterior paint and controls smaller marks, like scratches. However, you only get these benefits when you wash your car correctly. If you’re not sure how often to wash a car or how to do it in general, the service department at Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT has the perfect guide to help you get on the Springfield roads in style and confidence.

Plan Ahead

To find out what exactly your car needs, consider when it was recently cleaned or washed. Usually, newer cars or cars that have been recently waxed and polished just need a wash and wax. If your car has been a little more exposed to the elements for a few months or longer, then you’ll probably need a little more cleaning done to your car.

Rinse & Wash

The first step in how to wash a car properly is to rinse your car off to remove any loose dirt and other debris. After rinsing, you can begin washing your car and then clean the windows with an ammonia-free solution. Be sure this solution is specifically intended for cars. After cleaning the windows, use an acid-free pH balanced aluminum wheel cleaner and clean the wheels and tires. If you need any assistance with cleaning inside your car’s windshield and windows, take a look at our windshield and window interior cleaning guide!

Remove Bumps & Apply Compound

Use a clay bar to gently buff away tree sap and other particles attached to the surface of your car. You can also use compound with a dual-action polisher to smooth out scratches underneath the surface. The compound usually needs about two to four coats.

Apply Polish (Optional)

For a nice, shiny look on the Wilmington roads, apply polish. Dual-action polisher works best, but you only need to use polish if you need it. You can use an orbital buffer or a soft wet towel to apply the polish. If debris comes between the pad and your car while it’s in motion, you can end up scratching or damaging your car, so be careful when applying.

Wax Your Car

Car wax makes your car look good but also protects the paint from UV rays. Carnauba and polymer are the two most common types of car wax. Between the two, carnauba costs a little more, but it doesn’t haze and doesn’t need to sit for a long time.

How Often to Wash a Car

If you’re wondering how often to wash a car, this depends on how often you drive your car through Wilmington. If you drive between cities often and go beyond just the normal commute, then you may need to wash your car right after you do some outdoor exploring. However, if you just take your car on your commute and run errands, then you should probably aim to wash your car about every two weeks and wax it every six months.

Other Tips on How to Wash a Car

  • Cleaning Supplies: Use materials that are designed to clean a car. Also, use a wool mitt or a natural sponge.
  • Washing: Lather the car with soap and clean the sponge with fresh water in between washing different parts of the car.
  • Drying: Air-drying your car can cause swirl marks on your car. Instead, use a chamois or terry towel to hand-dry the surface.

Learn More About Car Maintenance at Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT!

Now that you know how to wash a car the right way, you can learn more about other service tips and tricks at Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT. We even have a guide on how to clean your car’s floor mats! Contact us to schedule a service and keep your car looking like new on the Xenia roads.

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