How to Clean Car Floor Mats

Cleaning Car Mats

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or you live somewhere that receives inclement weather from time to time, your car’s floor mats can take a beating. They regularly protect your vehicle’s interior from dirt, debris, and even spills when you’re driving around Beavercreek. To keep your floor mats in good working condition, we recommend giving them a good cleaning every once in a while. Today, we’ll teach you how to clean rubber floor mats and carpet floor mats with Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT. Explore our other service tips and tricks to keep your vehicle looking and running like new. 

How to Clean Car Floor Mats – Supplies

It’s important to high the proper supplies when you’re cleaning your vehicle’s floor mats. Using the incorrect tools can make the job harder and possibly even ruin them. Before you get started, let’s review the supplies you need to clean your mats:

Rubber Floor Mats

When cleaning your rubber mats, make sure you have a vacuum, rubber floor mat cleaner, stiff bristle brush, bucket of water, and a microfiber towel or somewhere to hang-dry your mats.

Carpet Floor Mats

Thankfully, cleaning your carpet floor mats isn’t much different than rubber ones. For the most part, you’ll need the same materials except you’ll want a designated carpet floor mat cleaner and a wet-vac to aid in drying.

How to Clean Rubber Floor Mats

If you’re regularly taking your vehicle off the beaten path in Springfield or your vehicle’s interior is constantly bombarded with dirt and debris, you likely have rubber floor mats. Rubber mats are a great way to protect your vehicle’s interior but to remain effective, you have to clean them regularly. With these easy steps, we’ll walk you through how to clean rubber floor mats in your car:

  1. Remove the rubber mats from your vehicle.
  2. Shake and vacuum the rubber mats to the best of your ability.
  3. Rinse the mats with clean water.
  4. Apply the rubber floor mat cleaner and scrub with the stiff bristle brush.
  5. Rinse the floor mats once again with clean water.
  6. Dry the mats with the microfiber towel and hang dry.
  7. Place the mats back in your vehicle once they are completely dry.

How to Clean Carpet Floor Mats

Most vehicles come with carpet floor mats from the factory. If your daily driver in Wilmington uses carpet floor mats, follow these steps to learn how to clean the carpet floor mats in your vehicle. The steps are similar to cleaning rubber floor mats with a couple of differences:

  1. Begin removing the mats from your car.
  2. Shake and hit the floor mats against a hard surface to loosen dirt and dust then vacuum the mats.
  3. Apply the carpet floor mat cleaner per the instructions on the container.
  4. Using your brush, scrub the mats on any problem areas.
  5. Rinse with clean water.
  6. Skip this step if you don’t have a wet-vac. Vacuum the carpet mats with the wet-vac to aid in drying and remove additional dirt and debris.
  7. Hang your mats to air-dry.
  8. Because carpet mats can take longer to dry, make sure they are completely dry before placing them back in your vehicle.

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If you have any questions about how to clean car floor mats, visit the experts at Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT today. Our service team will ensure you have the proper supplies to keep your interior looking brand new and we’ll assist you in any way we can. As always, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help by contacting us online or visiting our dealership in Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT!

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