What Does the Light on My Dashboard Mean?

Dashboard Warning Lights


So, you’re driving happily down one of our Beavercreek roads when suddenly a light flashes. “Oh, no!” you may be thinking, “What does the light on my dashboard mean? Should I pull over and call roadside assistance? Is it time to sell the car?”

Don’t panic. Our service team wants to help keep your car running in top shape, so we’ve put together a list below of what the most common dashboard warning lights mean.

What Does the Light on My Dashboard Mean? – Engine Dashboard Warning Lights

Coolant Temp Warning – The engine is close to overheating, due to low coolant levels, a faulty thermostat, the engine fan not functioning, or an issue with the radiator, water pump, or some other part of the coolant system. Pull over and let the car cool before it overheats.

Service Vehicle – This is a general alert. We can connect to your car’s computer to detect the specific issue.

Reduced Power Warning – Your car’s computer has reduced power to limit damage because it detects an issue.

Cruise Control – This isn’t a warning light. It just lets you know that the cruise control is on.

What Does the Light on My Dashboard Mean? – Brake System Dashboard Warning Lights

Brake System – Brake fluid could be low, pads could be worn, or there could be another ABS issue. Schedule an appointment to get your brakes checked so you can continue to drive safely on our Springfield roads.

Traction Control or ESP – the car is utilizing its Electronic Stability Control.

What Does the Light on My Dashboard Mean? – Safety & Informative Warning Lights

Security Alert – This usually means a door is still open.

Fog Lamp – Your headlights’ high beams (“brights”) are on.

Airbag Fault – There’s a fault in the airbag system.

Washer Fluid Reminder – Washer fluid is low.

What Does the Light on My Dashboard Mean? – Tire Dashboard Warning Lights

Tire Pressure Warning Light – One or more of your tires is not inflated to the correct PSI

Let the Experts at Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT of Xenia Fix the Issue

Our trained professionals are well-versed in warning lights and what they mean. And we make it easy for you to get your car serviced. Why not take advantage of our service specials? We’re just a short drive away from Wilmington, so drop by or contact us today!

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