How to Check Coolant Levels
Car owner checking their coolant level in summer

You may be asking yourself, “What is coolant?” Coolant is a liquid designed to redistribute heat to control your vehicle’s engine block and parts’ temperature. Whether you have a used or new vehicle, engine coolant is vital. Engine coolant has an additive to ensure that your engine won’t overheat (over 212 degrees Fahrenheit) or freeze (below 32 degrees Fahrenheit). Check out our guide below about how to check coolant levels and when to change your coolant!



How to Replace Coolant

Here are just a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your coolant is at the correct level:

  • It’s not necessary to open your radiator cap to inspect your coolant level. Rather, inspect the markings alongside the reservoir.
  • If you see the coolant level at the “full” line, you have sufficient coolant.
  • Read the bottle before adding the coolant to see if it’s already premixed.
  • If your coolant level is below the “full” line, you’ll want to remove the radiator cap and add either a 50/50 mix of coolant/water or coolant up to the “full line.
  • You’ll also want to inspect the radiator hoses for any damage or leaks.

Note: Don’t try to open the radiator cap while the engine is hot. If you add more liquid, wait until the engine has cooled first.

When to Replace Coolant

Coolant levels go down over time, so it’s wise to check the cooling system every three to six months to see if it’s time to replace your coolant. Generally, the coolant is red, yellow, green, or blue. If your coolant is colorless or brown, flush the system and replace the coolant.

When to Visit a Service Technician

You’ll find coolant is thicker than water but thinner than oil. If your coolant appears sludgy, it’s time to schedule serviceat our service center near Beavercreek as soon as possible as there is a chance your vehicle has an internal gasket leak. While it’s possible to drive with a leaking gasket, this will cause your coolant to quickly drain. Without proper coolant levels, your engine can overheat and become very severely damaged.

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Now that we’ve answered the question, “What is coolant?” and covered the basics, if you’d like more information about how to check coolant levels or experience any issues, contact us at Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT near Springfield for in-person assistance. You can also check out our service specials to ensure that you’re always covered at a great price!

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