How Will the 3G Shutdown Affect My Car?

2021 Chrysler Pacifica UConnect

Cars, trucks, and SUVs have used cellular networks to communicate and provide features for decades now, and we are now reaching another obsolescence point for some of the older technology. 3G cellular technology is being phased out as it is now two generations out of date, and that means that many connectivity features on older vehicles will no longer work. How will the 3G shutdown affect my car? It depends heavily on your vehicle’s year and model. Let’s go over a general 3G shutdown overview with Uconnect. If you have any questions about your specific vehicle, get in touch with us any time here at Key Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT!

3G Shutdown Timeline

Beavercreek and Springfield area drivers with vehicles made in the late 2000s to mid 2010s may find certain connectivity features no longer work as the various national networks begin shutting down 3G services through 2022. 3G through AT&T was shut down on February 22, while T-Mobile’s 3G service will end on March 31, and Verizon will end their 3G service on December 31st.

How the 3G Shutdown Affects Cars

Here’s a list of possible effects the shutdown could have on your older vehicle in Wilmington:

  1. Emergency Assistance
  2. Collision Notification
  3. Over the Air Roadside Assistance
  4. Distance Remote Start
  5. Tracking of Stolen Vehicles
  6. Remote Locking and Unlocking
  7. Basic remote vehicle diagnostics
  8. Over the Air GPS Map Updates
  9. Live Traffic Updates
  10. Over the Air Heating or Air Conditioning Settings
  11. Internal Wi-Fi Hotspot

Network Shutdowns of the Past 

The 3G shutdown is not the first to impact cars. When 2G systems were shutdown years ago, there were many vehicles that had connectivity features no longer work as a result. These features included some communications items.

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